A healthy ice cream for children

How to include acai in a light diet
August 5, 2020

What you may not know that açaí is a super nutritious food for children. Here we give you several reasons why the açaí sorbet will be the favorite dessert for your little ones:

1) It’s like ice cream, but it’s not ice cream!

Açaí sorbets have the same consistency and flavor as ice cream, but they are a healthier option since it has many more vitamins and minerals. Casa do Açaí sorbet is sweetened with guarana, but our 100% concentrated açaí pulp does not contain any sugar or trans fat, it is vegan and above all, organic.

2) It is already prepared and ready!

Our 900ml Guarana sorbet is the perfect ally when introducing to the little ones of the house those foods with high nutritional content. Your baby will love the ice cream-like flavor and texture, but without the high load of sugars and empty calories.

You will be surprised to see how happy your little one will be with an organic and sugar-free "ice cream".

3) Fruit that is not damaged and preserved for a long time

Açaí smoothies are a fun and easy way to increase the fruit consumption of the little ones. Freeze a batch of smoothie and store it in different containers, this way they will always be ready to be used as a snack at school, as a complement for breakfast or as a snack.

Test your daughter / son’s palate and be amazed at how easy it will be to keep them healthy and happy.

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